Thursday, March 31, 2016

Rumors saying Google is going to introduce new Visual Search Photo Features

Interesting rumor comes from anonymous – read not verified – source but still this story comes with certain technical details.

New features should let users to select certain area of the picture and then do the search, displaying results more precise than it is the case with searches right now.

If you have ever try Google Goggles, than you know how disappointing results can be. These changes should fix many issues you can run into while searching photos on the internet. Unlike text search, Google still haven’t found proper algorithm to show us exactly image we are looking for.

From technical point of view it is really hard to give precise enough search images result, but on the other hand it is not mission impossible. Google is aware of these searches and it is trying to provide best results for its users.

Same source giving us more details like this new feature should be compatible with new technology wearable computing devices like Google Glass or maybe VR or AR headset. Also, with this new technology Google should introduce and release new camera feature which should allow us to use our standard Google Camera app and search for information based on what we capture through our camera lenses. How cool is that?

Like we mentioned in text above, Google is trying to allow users to select specific image area and search for that image based on that detail. This way user can single out details and make his search results more precise than it is the case with searching whole picture.

This technology should help us to browse images easily.

Imagine you standing on the sidewalk and looking at the building on the other side, wondering what it is… All you need to do is to take a photo and mark that building, click Search and wait for Google to do the work.

These technologies have a space to grow and we all are happy to see it is coming.

Hardly wait for new People's Blues of Richmond album

These guys do things in a hard way – screaming with guitar riffs – People’s Blues of Richmond is telling us this new album is going to Rock n Roll.

Song they have just released - Quit or Die - gives us really strong and powerful preview for the new album. This new album, also named Quit or Die, should bring us sharp melodies enriched with upbeat guitar riffs.

Quit or Die describes bad human behavior, and bad habits focusing on drugs and losing control.

“I wanted to write this song to remind myself and anyone else listening that when your drug use becomes habitual and beyond your control … you have to stop lying to yourself. You have to start fighting for yourself” explains Tim Beavers - band guitar and vocal player.

That is why in this song he screams ‘Compromise is suicide’ and why lyrics are followed with this fast and serious melody character. It looks like this song is very important to band, and we hardly wait to hear whole album which should be released on June 10th.

While you are waiting for new album to come, listen this song and while doing that take a look at the band other works. You can easily feel Led Zeppelin influence on them.

Good Time Suicide album has already intimate us with Led Zeppelin melody which is good if you ask for opinion. However, these guys know they work and you can’t find any copy/paste elements in their songs. This is the reason we take them seriously and giving them respect on their work.

People’s Blues of Richmond is giving us brand new R’N’R guitar sound which recalls to late 60s and early 70s. Hope this new album will continue in that direction.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Few tips how to customize your Word Press Theme

Word Press is one of the most famous CMS in these days. It is easy to use and it comes with great support.
Actual Word Press version is 4.3.1 and it is quite user friendly so it is not surprising that it is one of the most world famous Content Management Systems.
After installing Word Press site first thing users are doing is choosing and customizing WP Theme. All these steps are done through WP Dashboard which looks like on this picture.
Wordpress dashboard themes

To choose your favorite WP Theme go to Dashboard and choose Appearance > Theme. There you can choose Theme or see how it looks like on Live Preview. If your Theme is not shown on the Themes tab then find it on the internet and download to your Computer. After that, simply upload WP Theme by using WP Dashboard > Themes > Choosing button Add New. Now simply activate your WP Theme.
To customize your Word Pres Theme navigate to Dashboard > Appearance > Customize.
Customize theme using WordPress

There you can see changes right after choosing one. On the left sidebar user can do changes like Site identity, Colors, Header Image, Background Image and other things depending on the current Theme options.
Next thing - Dashboard > Widgets. To customize your Theme it is important to place widgets on the right place. Position of these widgets depends of how Theme is coded and which widgets are being used. There is no default scenario for this. For each theme watch Theme Demo and see guidelines of how to place widget.
Under the Menus - like it says - user make menus for Word Press site. Menus are good way to categorize posts, or to show other pages like About me... or contact etc… This part of customization depends of user’s needs and his site logic.
Dashboard > Appearance > Theme Options. Every theme offering some kind of easy customization and this is example of how it looks like on this simple Theme I have choose for my site. Very simple theme gives me simple Theme Options. Just some Front page text introduction, page photo uploader and second Tab for my Social Networks links.
Appearance and code edit

Dashboard > Appearance > Editor provide us advanced options to customize WP Theme. Navigating to Dashboard > Appearance > Editor user can see crucial files for current Theme his site is running. On the right side there is shown list of PHP and CSS files. These files can be edited either trough Dashboard or by some FTP client application. Before doing any changes on any file it is always the best thing to do Copy of the file you want to Edit. In case something goes wrong, just easily re upload your original file and give yourself time to see what is gone wrong.
Why to edit PHP or CSS files in a first place? Especially if we know things can go wrong?
We all choose our Word Press Themes by watching Demos and their design without thinking how it will look on our site. No matter which theme we choose in some time we all want something different on our site and we are looking for the way to do that. For no experienced users it is best thing to hire someone who knows how to do changes. But in case you need some slight changes then do it by yourself. Before doing any changes on file don’t be lazy and make a copy of its original working state.

Small changes you can do are to change font style or font colors. Also, no experienced user can place Google Analytics code without using Word Press plugin. All these changes are easy to do - but still - be sure you have copy of each file you are going to change.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Smartphone protect case - Thin and clean or rough and bulletproof?

How many people use protection on their Smartphone devices? You’ll be surprised but not so many.
Screen protect

Although Smartphones are delicate devices we don’t pay attention on their safety good enough. Therefore screen repair business grooving superfast each day, and we can’t see it stops. Best practice for starting business is to start repair service for high range Smartphone devices such as iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and HTC.

All these expensive Smartphones comes designed to look good but not to stay long and without scratches. Screen however comes with Corning Gorilla Glass protection, but not the housing of the phone. So how to keep phone safe and keep it to look like new even after years of using it?

To protect Smartphone device best way is to choose appropriate case for it. You can search on the internet, there are many companies producing Smartphone cases, but that doesn’t means every case is good enough. To make a right choice you need to know case quality, resistance and feel in your everyday usage.

If you are looking case for iPhone or some other expensive model keep in mind to not to buy cheap case for which you don’t know if it fits right. Make your choice guided with online reviews and quality brand.

We have made some clicks and we have found site which helps you decide. On this site you have two well known companies producing Smartphone cases and to choose one for you, all you need to do is to think and decide - thin and clean or manly rough bulletproof?

Take a look at Maxboost products and see if you can find design fits your needs. This company offering you thin cases designed in a way you hardly noticing case on your Smartphone. You can choose from clean body design to designed case just for you. Using these protection cases you won’t be noticing much more difference from original Smartphone design and feel in hands.

If you prefer rougher look and greater protection the UAG should be your first choice. This company is producing good looking but rough cases for protecting Smartphones even from serious drops. They even use MIL STD 810G 516.6 which stands for military drop-test standard in their production line. This tells us enough of their resistance.