Acronis True Image Backup – Saves a lot of time

I’m servicing many computers for firm I’m working in. A lot of computers means, I am responsible for an about hundred of computers either its about hardware or software related problems.

It is hard to keep all working good all time, and problems are common. In a first place there are many problems related for system – Windows XP – and malicious codes like viruses and Trojans. While working I release that it is hard to teach people how to use computer with care, and how to browse safely. That means a lot of work for me, slow going work for company in which we all work, and many hours spent resolving problems that should not occur in a first place.

To avoid all that lost of time I decide to give Acronis a chance to prove its existence.

Using Acronis true image software is not complicated and I saw that it is very powerful tool for cloning hard drives and making backups from computers to another media. User can use another media or local disk which contain OS also. One other cool thing is that Acronis have its own software for making bootable media from which you can start restoration if problem occurs.

In my case, I use one bootable media for all computers and I can say that it works very good. Also, for backup data I use full hard drive backup with partitions. That is best option for me because I do backup on clean installed computers with all settings I have done.

In this post I just want to say that this software is very helpful and it saves a lot of time and lost nerves when it comes time to retrieve lost data.

In case I send one computer to work, and my colleague send it back for month or so, I just put bootable media inside optical drive and turn computer on. I choose to boot from CD/DVD and then when I get option I choose image I wanna restore. All this take about 5 minutes or so… After that I just do some small adjustments and I send it back to his original location. In this way all goes much more easier than before I started to use Acronis true image.

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