Can’t boot Windows XP what about my data?

OK! This is real problem and many of you don’t know how to deal with it! What happens when you cant boot into your Windows XP? And to be worst, imagine that you have very important data on that computer.

Format is not an option. System restore can’t make your PC to work!? So what then?

For these kind a problems I use UBCD4WIN. If you would like to read about this CD software here is link

How this CD works? Well if you are familiar about booting your PC from CD or USB then it shouldn’t be hard for you to use it.

To start this CD put your media inside CD-ROM and select start-up to boot from CD-ROM drive. I use it on my DELL and there I get F12 option to select my boot order.

 After selecting my boot order CD will start to run its processes.

On the blue screen above you have some options so choose. For this post I’ll use Launch “The Ultimate Boot CD for Windows”. Confirm with Enter!

Now PC is loading files from CD. Wait for a moment and you will get more options to choose.

After some time you got this window with options to choose. It has shell selection, command line to type or code for keyboard input. However, here I choose only display settings to standard 1024×768 24bit color. You can try some others, but these settings will work on most computers.
After you have choose settings start shell by click on Start Shell button.

After you have start Shell wait for a moment for a process to complete. Keep in mind that you are starting these files from CD and not from HDD. Something like Live Linux distribution.

You will be prompted to start network support. Select Yes and then choose  Dynamic IP address (DHCP).

Now just wait for UBCD4WIN to start. There you will get set of tools to work with. For example you can scan your HDD for viruses, or you can edit registry settings.
Also, there are many hardware diagnostic tools.

For this example I need to get some important data from HDD. Before I start these steps I install another HDD for data backup. Now I have SATA0 C: drive and SATA1 D: drive.

To copy or move data from damaged HDD to my backup drive I’ll use UBCD4WINfreeCommander application.

I just simply navigate from Start > Programs > File Management > Explorers > freeCommander to open that application.
Next thing is to use that app. There are no reason to explain how to do that. Just navigate left window to one disk and right window to another and then move or copy data you need.

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