CloudFlare 522 error and Godaddy hosting

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I use many sites and blogs, and one site I have protected with CloudFlare system for about six months ago. I can say that CloudFlare is a real headache removal ‘pill’ for keeping your site safe, online and secure. Beside that I also use iThemes Security so you can read about it if you like.

Thing is that CloudFlare is using your original DNS records and in case you are trying to resolve your domain related problems you need to keep in mind that CloudFlare to Hosting server redirection. In this story I will write about Godaddy hosting and CloudFlare service.

CloudFlare is intend to keep your site secure and online even if your site is under DDoS attack or your site have visits that are not supported by your hosting plan by default. I can say that this system is working just fine, I can’t say perfect but close enough for me. I use free plan from CloudFlare, and it keeps my domain safe enough. Domain I’m talking about is hosted on a shared hosting, and many times I noticed that my domain goes offline because of someone else fault.

What CloudFlare do? Well, if I ping my site I don’t get response from godaddy server directly, instead I get response from CloudFlare. That is OK and it should work like that.

Now lets go explain problem scenario which can and will occur eventually

I want to browse my site and all I can see is 522 error message from CloudFlare system. It says ‘Error 522 Connection timed out‘. I can see green (good mark) on browser icon, green (good mark) on CloudFlare and red (not good) icon on hosting provider. In most cases this means that hosting server is down or overloaded. My logic says to me to contact my hosting support and try to resolve problems. This is good step and it is right, but for some reason Godaddy support wont admit that it is server related problem. They try to convince you that CloudFlare is making trouble and that is why that specific site is not working. To be sure, before you call Godaddy support, do this and make them believe that it is really server related problem and it is not your blame. Just do Reverse IP lookup check and see all other sites on that shared hosting. In that case you can try to browse them and see how it works.

This is a good thing for knowing how server is responding and to eliminate CloudFlare as a potential troublemaker.

Why I mentioned CloudFlare in this story? Simple answer is to remind you to look for your original IP address and not the one CloudFlare is giving to you. If you ping your site you will get response from CloudFlare and not directly from your hosting server. To see how server is working go to CloudFlare dashboard and look for your original IP address. Then do Reverse IP lookup and you will get list of sites on your shared hosting. Now it is easy to try browsing them. If that server is down or it is overloaded you will noticed that by browsing all those sites.

In my case, when I do Reverse IP lookup I can see 704 sites on the same server that I use. For me, that is a lot, but it is shared hosting and there is nothing much I can do. All I can do is to check how other sites are working and to make Godaddy support to resolve my problem.

Reverse IP Lookup helps me not to be mislead by Godaddy support team. I wrote about that also so you can read about it if you have time.

This is a good website for Reverse IP Lookup. Try this site to see how many sites are hosted on a same server your site is.

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  1. Ivan Slišković


    I believe that is true, but this post was written for specific purpose only. If someone have that error here are steps explained how to find problem, and how to resolve it fast.
    I'm not saying that CloudFlare is great and godaddy is not… I'm still using both, and one thing is true – combination of those two gives me enough to run site with 2k visitors on daily basis. For that price (godaddy hosting) + CF (free plan) I don't even expect something better.
    If I had 8-9k visitors per day I would find myself dedicated server instead shared one. Once more to mention, my site is running on a server with more than 700 other sites. I'm wondering how my site is working even this time on…

  2. As much as I hate Godaddy, to be fair, CloudFlare have shown me that error message when my domain was pointing to Google Cloud Storage (which I've had 100% up on) and then message went when jumping the CF cloud and came back when going through the cloud. So there are times when CF use that error message to mislead you into believing that the origin host is the problem.

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