Cool thing about Lock Screen Pattern on KitKat

Using LG G ProLite with a new KitKat 4.4.2 Android installed? If so, and if you choose Pattern for unlock your screen then use this cool function.

If you wanna do some adjustment and make your phone even better than do these steps and make your pattern smart enough for one hand operation and cool for showing your friends.

Everybody using LG G ProLite know how big is this phone (5″ Screen size) and how handy can be one hand operation mode. I use this mode for dialing and not for keyboard. Also, I figured out how to use this option for unlock my phone, especially while I’m driving and just wanna take a look at it to see if there are any messages.

Here are some photos, I hope they will explain of what I’m talking about.

On a first photo you can see locked screen on my LG G ProLite – nice and clean with original lock wallpaper. There are no unlock patterns to see.

Still, if you touch with your finger on a bottom right corner the unlock pattern appears on that place. That option is a very handy if you need to unlock your phone with a one hand.

For example, if you touch locked screen on a left side up – guess what – Unlock patterns will appear on a left side on the upper corner of your phone screen.

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