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Easy way to add signature to your email account using Mozilla Thunderbird as default email client.

Mozilla Thunderbird

For all those using email to communicate with clients and people in general it is good to have their own signature on the end of each message. For those who don’t use email signature maybe it is time to start using it because it is not hard to make your own.
These are short steps showing you how to make your own signature if you are using Mozilla Thunderbird email application. Take a look at the images so you can follow configuring procedure more easily. It is not hard at all, and if you are in business I recommend you to make your own signature.

Account settings
Signature text

First you need to start Mozilla Thunderbird and select account for which one you want to make signature.
Take a look at the pictures above and see how to navigate to settings. Select account you want to have signature – if you have more than one – and choose View settings for this account on the right panel. When you choose View settings for this account, new window will appear. There you have all relevant details about that account like account name, email address, your email, organization… After that it comes Signature text box and few options for making your email signature.
To make email signature you have more than one option. It can be done by adding file which is prepared in-front and ready for attach – in our example it will be image file. Choose Attach the signature from a file instead (text, HTML, or image) & click on Choose button. Navigate to your image and it will appear like signature when you start to write new email.

New email signature Thunderbird

This is example of email signature using image file. It is done on hurry just for this post – to show an example.
If you prefer – like I do – more serious approach and don’t want color scheme in your emails then make yourself textual signature using HTML basic coding to give a style to your text.

Mozilla Thunderbird signature text use HTML

On the picture above you can see how to make textual signature for your emails. This is just example of using text and HTML coding. User can give URL to his signature or some style to his text. Try it and see which one stand best for you.
This is result. Classic and clear textual signature made for this post to show you how it works.

Mozilla Thunderbird final result



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