D690 with Lollipop 5.0.2

What you guys think about LG G3 stylus? I use this phone for a while and I can tell all best about it.
Before this model I had D686 known as LG ProLite and I wrote about it many times. Now it is time to write my own review about LG G3 Stylus.
This is also Dual SIM model and I use them both. Like on LG ProLite SIM cards work good and without any interruptions. Now with LG G3 Stylus and Android Lollipop 5.0.2 switching between SIM cards is more easily and user friendly. User can configure how to switch from one SIM card to another by setting up buttons because this phone doesn’t use physical buttons but Android programmable ones in the bottom.
Screen is the same as it was on D686 model. 5.5″ with 200 ppi density. Quite enough for the phone in this price range. I pay my LG G3 Stylus around 200€. Screen is for my opinion quite good and touch is precise enough. There are no any misbehavior. Like my previous model this one doesn’t have Gorilla glass but while I using it I don’t see any scratches on the front of my phone.
LG G3 Stylus doesn’t have buttons on the side of the phone. Instead it use buttons on the back side like LG G2 LG G3 and other new models. I can say it is quite cool and smart design option and specially if we use knock on screen to unlock phone or to see is there any important notifications on the screen. This phone comes with LED notification indicator which I missed on my previous model. Too bad it is one color LED but once again, for 200€ I don’t expect LG G3 hardware.
Like it’s name say – LG G3 Stylus comes with stylus pen. I don’t use it at but it is there.
Good feature on this phone model and its OS is that knock code. Because of button position on the back this is handy option for take a look at the phone if there are any messages. This way user can see is there any new messages without unlocking the phone. Also, with knock code you can unlock your phone or even put it into Guest mode.

My LG G3 Stylus has come with KitKat installed but at the first time I turn it on it gave me option to Upgrade OS to Android 5.0.2 Lollipop. Now I’m using Lollipop and I can say it is quite good and it works better than D686 with KitKat. Only thing bothers me is lag I feel when I try to unlock my phone. Knock code can be insufficient to unlock screen and I need to press Power button on the back of the phone.

Just like D686 this model have great battery. It comes with Li-ion Battery Typ 3000mAh and in my case it takes two days of using it at full power. I keep my WiFi on all the time and Mobile network as well. Only thing I reduce is display brightness and that is maybe the only thing that bothers me that much. The thing is, that brightness cant be set to Automatic. It means that you need to set your favorite brightness level over the day or night.

Phone features are good and I use it a lot. My business email is set to default Email Application which comes with this phone. This LG OS have some bloatware but it is nothing comparing to SAMSUNG devices. Some applications you can hide and some of them can be uninstalled.

For the end just to place one photo – My slide bar this morning

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