Easy way to rename multiple files – Windows OS

This is an easy way to rename multiple files inside folder using just command prompt on Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 and other Microsoft operating Systems.

In case you have to rename multiple file namesfile extensions – inside one folder this is the way to do it. Windows command prompt have this command to rename one or more than one file inside data folder.
Command: ren or rename – stands for Rename file or files. For additional tips of how to use this command just type ren /? and see how it should be used.
I have create few files inside on folder – all files are .txt file extension and with using command prompt I have successfully changed all their file extension. This could be handy in many ways and one of them is described on this link. This example shows you how to revert files from quarantine which are marked as a virus by mistake. AdwCleaner moves suspicious files in quarantine folder and gives them extension *.vir. In that way files can’t be executed and can’t do any harm to your OS. To revert files – moved by mistake – just copy them to original location, browse command prompt to that location and then use command ren.

in case you want to remove *.vir extension just type command as it shown

ren *.vir *.

and that is it.

Now lets take one more look at my examples. On the pictures you can see how I’m using command ren and changing file extension. In case I want to open all .txt files in my folder with MS Office i just rename file extensions from *.txt to *.doc. it is quite handy when you need something like this.

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