Free up some space by deleting Misc and Cashed data from your phone

OK, finally I can say that you can delete some of data you don’t use on your phone anymore. This is must do option for those using Android KitKat eventually.

I wrote about error message showing on my screen – LG ProLite – and later on I wrote how to deal with that.

If you have same problems with your phones please read carefully articles I have shared on this blog and post a comment if there are any misunderstanding facts.

Now I will post a links to those articles I have mentioned in a text above.

First post I wrote was about message on my screen. I couldn’t even synchronize my weather info because my internal memory was almost full. When I say almost full I mean that for some reason Android can’t work properly when internal storage goes near 200MB of available memory. This is error message you can expect if you stuck with a same problem.

After deleting Cashed data I manage to free up some space on my phone. To be precise enough – 1GB of data was deleted without any bad influences on my Android OS. I’m talking about KitKat 4.4.2 and it is important notice because I saw that LG L9 II with Jelly Bean does not have Cashed data option shown.

To clean some more space, beside deleting Cashed data you can also try to delete Misc. files. This is option which you must consider carefully. Deleting Misc. files can harm some applications you use so think twice before you decide to delete some of these files. I have choose to delete files of applications that I don’t have installed anymore. Even then I manage to free up to 600MB of internal storage on my phone.

Hope this post will help someone, and thanks for reading my blog 🙂

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