Google Inbox App

Few days ago I have got Google Inbox invitation and I can say that I am surprised in a positive way. I couldn’t imagine G mail better than it was, when I got this Inbox app from Google I saw many benefits comparing to G mail.

First day I didn’t use Inbox at all, but I was curious and I have look around to see what is new. I like that it looks like G+ because I like G+ a lot. Next thing I noticed that Google has promise that G mail will exist in the future and that is OK – for now.
I think that people will forget for G mail in a short period of time. This Inbox app will do job for Google.
Today I received first step confirming my thoughts.

After just a few days and a few app updates I got notification with options to turn off G mail notification – while Inbox notification stays ON.

Hope this app will bring us more dynamic, and correspondence because G mail couldn’t.  

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