Hard reset LG G ProLite with Jelly Bean and KitKat

Hard reset LG G ProLite.

To reset LG G Pro Lite with his original Operating System – Jelly Bean you can follow instructions you can find on the internet. It says to shutdown your phone and then to push Vol- button and Power button together. Wait till LG logo appears and release buttons. Then you just need to follow instructions on your phone.

If however you use KitKat on your phone and you want to do hard reset with keys it is a bit different method.
In case you have installed Android 4.4.2 KitKat on your LG G ProLite and you want to do hard reset with key combination then do as follows
Turn off your phone
Press and hold (Vol-) + Power button and wait for LG logo to appear.
When you see LG logo then release Power button and then press it again till you enter to reset menu.
In short – to do factory reset on LG G Pro Lite D686 do this
Power OFF

Push Vol- + Power till LG logo appears – shortly release Power and push it again till you enter Factory Reset Mode.

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