Hardly wait for new People’s Blues of Richmond album

These guys do things in a hard way – screaming with guitar riffs – People’s Blues of Richmond is telling us this new album is going to Rock n Roll.

People's Blues of Richmond album

Song they have just released – Quit or Die – gives us really strong and powerful preview for the new album. This new album, also named Quit or Die, should bring us sharp melodies enriched with upbeat guitar riffs.

Quit or Die describes bad human behavior, and bad habits focusing on drugs and losing control.

“I wanted to write this song to remind myself and anyone else listening that when your drug use becomes habitual and beyond your control … you have to stop lying to yourself. You have to start fighting for yourself” explains Tim Beavers – band guitar and vocal player.

That is why in this song he screams ‘Compromise is suicide’ and why lyrics are followed with this fast and serious melody character. It looks like this song is very important to band, and we hardly wait to hear whole album which should be released on June 10th.

While you are waiting for new album to come, listen this song and while doing that take a look at the band other works. You can easily feel Led Zeppelin influence on them.

Good Time Suicide album has already intimate us with Led Zeppelin melody which is good if you ask for opinion. However, these guys know they work and you can’t find any copy/paste elements in their songs. This is the reason we take them seriously and giving them respect on their work.

People’s Blues of Richmond is giving us brand new R’N’R guitar sound which recalls to late 60s and early 70s. Hope this new album will continue in that direction.

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