How to add custom domain on my blogspot?

Yesterday I decided to add custom domain on my blog. This task is not so complicated but there are some steps you need to know.

In a first place I had this domain which was not good for me. I had one domain reserved with Godaddy – which I wanted to use on this blog.

First take a look on picture under and you will see my old blogspot domain name

It is not good name for user to remember, even I couldn’t remember this domain name and its become logical step to add my custom domain.
For custom domain you can use whatever domain name you like and its free to use, but I had one already and I decide to use that one.
Go to blogspot dashboard and navigate to Settings > Basic and then choose Setup a 3rd party URL for your blog

After that you will get option to type your domain and to check redirect to
Click Save after you have enter required fields.
Now go to your domain manager – in my case it’s Godaddy domain manager and then do necessary changes.
You need to Add record and there to choose CNAME Alias and to enter these values:
For host type www and Points to type

And that is that… Now my blog has its own domain name
For a moment work looks like over but while I was checking all redirects I found out that wont redirect to and that is a problem. We can’t leave things like that.
After searching over the internet and DNS settings I release that it is not DNS solution at all. Instead I need Godaddy redirect service and it is free.
For redirect from non-www to www I use Godaddy Forwarding and masking service like you can see on the picture under

There I choose to redirect non-www domain to www. There are options to mask domain and also for temporary redirect or permanent. In my case I choose forward only and 301 (Permanent) redirect.

Now my blog works as it should – on a new domain.


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