How to unroot Android device before selling it?

Before you sell your smartphone it is a good idea to delete all data. No matter you used rooted phone or non-rooted for your privacy and safety make these precaution steps.

Everybody wants to know how to root phone and uninstall unnecessary applications which comes with almost every Android device. This is cool thing to know, and I explained already how to root LG G ProLite D686 Dual.

Process of rooting that LG phone is not complicated at all. Just install application and follow step by step procedure. Once you have rooted your phone, install some good file explorer and do whatever you want to do. Just be careful and don’t mess up your phone system.
Rooting phone devices is OK if you know why you doing it, and if you know how to do it. In that way you can easily uninstall applications you don’t use, or replace some default installed applications with others you want to use. Also, installing and uninstalling applications on Android system you can manage your internal memory and/or RAM memory consumption.
For experienced Android users rooting phones means that they can customize their ROM and complete Graphic User Interface. Also, they know how to reprogram kernel and how to manipulate hardware components of the phone. If you are one of those people, then you will skip this post and read something much more smarter on XDA developer forum 🙂
For every phone it comes the end, and if you want to get rid of your smartphone and sell it to someone, you should unroot it. Why to unroot your Android? Well, rooted Android OS gives you ability to browse and search for personal data on the system. Most likely you can search for WiFi saved passwords, and that is not all. In case you have rooted Android phone all personal and secret data stored on that phone are easily accessible.
That is the most important reason for unroot your phone before it goes to someone else.
How to unroot Android phone? On the internet you can find some applications which can unroot your phone, but you must know that it isn’t the best way of doing it. If you really want to know that your personal data are removed from that device it is good to flash your Android once again. What that means? It means that you should write stock ROM on your smartphone once again, without rooting it later. In that way you can be sure that you have done all best for keeping your personal data safe.
To unroot your phone just find right ROM and tool for flashing your device. Flash it like it is explained for smartphone you are using and current Android version which is installed. Best way to do id is to go to XDA developers forum and search for device you have. Make sure to install appropriate ROM version.
In my case – LG G ProLiteunroot procedure would be as it is shown on this link. To get story short, in this way I can flash clean stock ROM for my phone which is not rooted and it is not compromised in any way. Don’t be lazy and make sure to unroot your phone before selling it.

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