HP P2035 and ASCII characters instead Test Page

Yesterday I received HP printerLaser Jet P2035. It supports both LPT and USB connection, but in this case it was installed on LPT1 (parallel port).

Each time I tried to print all printer gives me is one line of ASCII characters – randomly selected, and it works that way till all paper goes out. Then I need to delete print job, turn off printer, place new paper and turn ON printer.
First I suspect on viruses and I decide to scan computer on viruses and other malicious codes. This PC is running Windows XP SP3 Professional – and after scanning I saw that in fact there were some viruses. After cleaning computer from viruses and all malicious codes, I have done HDD scan and defragment that drive. Still no luck.

After searching over the internet I found out that problem could be a incorrect set of drivers. I used its original CD but that CD is too old and maybe it does not work with all Windows updates any more. After trying and trying this printer just keep ruing my sheets of paper.

After detailed search I saw people complaining on this printer also, and there were some solutions to upgrade firmware. I have downloaded firmware upgrade tool from HP webpages and tried to upgrade my printer. Also, there were no luck. All I can get is Error message telling me that there is no HP P2035 printer is installed.

I decide to try upgrade firmware over the USB port. Assuming that LPT is one way connection – don’t know for sure right now – I decide to connect printer over the USB port. I have prompted for install new hardware, which I did with my CD. After printer is successfully installed I start firmware upgrade utility one more time.

This time firmware utility started successfully like you can see. Firmware upgrade goes without any problem.

Here is final result!

Printer is working now connected over the USB cable.

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