Is it safe to delete Misc. files from Android device?

Few days ago I wrote how I have deleted Cashed data on my LG ProLite running KitKat 4.4.2. All went good and today I decided to delete some of my Misc. data.

Is it safe or not I don’t know for sure jet, but I take a risk and delete some data for which I suppose i don’t need them anymore.
Here it how it looks when I have select data I wanna delete. After that I can use much more space from my phone internal storage then I could before. Hope this will bring me more storage autonomy and that I won’t get those error messages anymore.
Now, after deleting Misc files from Android system I have storage space to keep my photos and videos on my phone for a while till I decide which one to upload and which one to delete.
Hope this will help someone to decide is it safe to delete Cashed data or Misc. files from Android System.

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