LENOVO computer shuts down randomly

Yesterday I received this LENOVO ThinkCentre IBM with Pentium 4 HT inside. Problem with this computer was that it goes shutdown unexpectedly or restart without logical reason.
First I thought it was some kind a hard drive issue, or maybe virus attack. In case that hard drive can’t read data I prefer to use Recovery Console and chkdsk command. I wrote about that before.
Just to mention that it is Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 3.
After trying chkdsk command I saw that computer shuts down like it does while Windows is running. This should not happen if there is hard drive failure. Next what comes on my mind is some kind a hardware failure, maybe something with RAM or Power Supply.

When I opened computer cover I noticed these suspicious electronic capacitors on motherboard. I know that they can be responsible for that kind a behavior.
Good thing is that these capacitors can easily be found and replaceable. I have some motherboards for spare parts and with closer look I find ones for my case. I needed, and I founded two pieces of electronic capacitors 6.3 volts and 1000 microfarads.

Don’t be confused with a different color on the capacitor body, it does not matter.
For replacing these parts on motherboard you need some soldering skills and calm hands. First you need to remove old ones and then clean joints on the board. When you have cleaned place where new capacitors should go it is time to solder them on the board.
It is important to solder them with no short circuit or some other defect because they won’t work, or in worst case you can burn your motherboard and we all know how these motherboards can be expensive.
Not to forget – before replacing electronic capacitors you need to take the motherboard out.
After replacing old capacitors with new ones it is time to put together all parts and try it on. In my case this LENOVO works great.

While I writing this article, repaired computer is checking hard drive from the Recovery Console. Keep in mind that it wasn’t possible before replacing these capacitors.

One thought on “LENOVO computer shuts down randomly

  1. It is good to open case from time to time and to look for a bad capacitors. In case they gone bad for a while your motherboard can go also in a way that you cant repair it. Also, if you hear strange noise from power supply it is smart to replace it because it means that power supply is come to the end of working cycle. Better is to replace power supply then motherboard. This is especially meant for these brand name computers where is even more difficult to fin appropriate motherboard.

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