LG D685 and D686 – Remove applications from system with ES File Explorer

I already wrote post how to root LG D685 and D686 with KitKat 4.4.2 OS installed. If you want to root your phone then read this post.

After rooting my phone first thing I tried is to remove pre-installed applications. ES File Explorer is best and very powerful application to do that. It can be found on Google Play Store.

After installing ES File Explorer and running application you will notice that you can choose Android system files and folders to browse. That is because Android is rooted now and there is no protection to browse those files.

Pre-installed applications I’m talking about are inside local drive under /system/app/ . You can browse there and take a look. For example inside my phone on that location I see FmRadio3.apk and FmRadio3.odex.
These two files I can delete and that is it. That way I successfully clean some space and removed application I don’t need. In this way you can remove apps you don’t need. Just be careful and think twice before you confirm delete. Also, to see how good your OS is, after cleaning disk space try to reboot Android, just to confirm it is in good state.

Note: For deleting applications from system folder using ES File Explorer you need to mount /system/ with R/W privileges. To do that go to ES File Explorer menu and under Root Explorer choose Mount R/W >> select R/W radio button on /system path.

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