LG G ProLite – Storage full

Few times already my phone gives me message that my storage space is full and to do something about it like deleting unused files.

This is good, but which files I need to delete and how to know which to avoid? As I said in title it is LG G ProLite with KitKat 4.4.2 OS which is rooted.

I noticed that before I get this message ‘Not enough space on internal storage. To free up space, delete unused files‘ my phone won’t work properly. First thing goes wrong is synchronization. Weather information stays with old date and all other applications are slow and unresponsive.

I look for files I can delete and only gallery comes to my mind. After deleting images and videos from my gallery phone works for a few days till I make new photos or videos.

Now with more detailed look I noticed this two options for which I think I could cleanup a little.

They are called Cashed data and Misc. I don’t really know for what these files are used and I’m not sure is it smart move to delete them. However I will try to remove some of them and see what is going to happen.

When I navigate to Misc. this is what I get.

All bunch of Mega bytes related to applications I use. I think these files contains stored conversations and multimedia files I have used in those conversations. Also, there are some other applications not related to any chat system or social networks and they also keep significant number of data in Mega bytes. I will delete these carefully and one by one to see how it works. Hope my phone won’t broke.

Next thing is Cashed data. In this case I don’t have an option to choose what to delete and what to leave on my phone. Instead I have option to delete all my Cashed data.

So I will… I’m going to delete all my Cashed data and see what is going to happen. If I run on any problem related to this story I will post it here on my blog.

Also, if someone of you guys has done this please make a comment and let us all know how it goes.

2 thoughts on “LG G ProLite – Storage full

  1. Glad if I could help. I also clear my Cashed data on weekly basis now. Haven't notice any bad behavior on my Android or some other apps I'm using on my phone.

  2. After reading this article I do clear Cashed data every few days and I can say that phone works great. Nothin bad is happening, and all my apps works smooth as they should. Thanks for posting this!!

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