LG L9 II – Viber problem

Viber problem or is it just a week phone hardware?

Never to find time to wrote about this LG L9 II Camera error – Conclusion.

Let’s start – I had wrote some posts about this strange thing about camera on that phone. When I try to take a photo I get strange message and it says – camera failed to initialize.
It happens randomly, and by that I mean sometimes I get message after taking a first photo, and sometimes I can even make a photo session and then message appears and restarts camera application on that phone.

Phone model is LG L9 II and I can say it is pretty much good phone for its price. Good and clean design, with a powerful enough hardware. What to say, I don’t have big criteria.

Before I already wrote about this problem, so you can read articles

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All these posts ended with no conclusion, and after some time and few times sending phone to repair I get it to work without camera failed to initialize.

How I make it to work? Well, on the first place I need to say that problem is not phone hardware related. Each time I’ve done factory reset my phone was working good for a day or two and then error message starts to appear. Also, it was hard to relate this behavior to some of the applications I use. I guess that how it comes randomly, I couldn’t be sure for any of applications I use.

However, this phone works without any problems for a few months by now. And surprisingly one application make all this noise about LG L9 II phone and its camera no’t working.

What is even most surprisingly is that this application is very famous on all Android devices, and even after many updates and upgrades still it makes trouble for that camera. I’m talking about Viber.

I don’t wanna write about Viber but in short just to say – Shame on you guys, programming for Viber.

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