Make your Google AdSense backup ad unit

Make yourself this so cool backup ad unit for Google AdSense.

OK, we already explained why you need Google backup ad units. In short – you need backup in case there are no relevant ads to display. That is where backup ads comes to resolve problem.

You can make backup ads to point to some other domain or product you want to sell. Also, to make backup ads you need some HTML skills and that is where this cool tip comes handy.

Using so much domains and blogs I have chance to experiment. These days, while I was writing about Google AdSense backup ad units, I realize that these ads can point (open email) to email communication as well.

Using your HTML skills you can make your backup ad unit to open customers default Email application already setup to communicate with you.

For this example I will show you code from .html file you can use:

<a href=”” target=”_top”><img src=”imgRoot.jpg”></a>

Like you can see, for this code to work you will need appropriate image. Picture under this text is just to show how it could look like. This is 300×600 large skyscraper from Google adsense.

Try to click on this image and see how it works.

Important notice: Email for this sample is randomly chosen and now working. Don’t use it to send me email or communicate with me. If you need help please contact me through links I placed on this blog.

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