My new smart phone Galaxy S4 I9505 – KitKat to Lillipop update

After long time using LG G ProLite D686 I received Samsung Galaxy S4 as a gift. It is I9505 model I have got with KitKat installed on it.

Right away I done Factory reset and check for software update. My phone gave me notification that New OS update is available and we all know what that means. Yap, it was Android Lollipop.

I installed my new system and I can tell that Lollipop is pretty much cooler than KitKat. However, I didn’t use KitKat on my Samsung S4 so I can’t tell some major differences in between these two OS systems. What I have noticed is that my new OS Lollipop have some bad behavior and cause for that is the fact I haven’t clear all cashed data on smartphone.

To use Samsung Galaxy S4 with a new Lollipop OS you need to wipe cache data. What that mean? This step is must done after upgrading system from Android KitKat to Android Lollipop. If you want to run your smartphone without any KitKat codes left behind you need to wipe cache data partition. Wiping cached data you wont lose any personal data saved on your phone. Data on this partition are related to OS, and in case of upgrading some of these data are left from previously installed system. To get clean Android Lollipop OS you need to delete those data and enjoy your smartphone.

To wipe data partition on Samsung Galaxy S4 I9505 do these steps:

Turn off your device
Press and hold these 3 buttons – Volume Up + Home + Power
When you feel your phone vibrate release Power key but keep other two keys until Android System Recovery screen appears.

Now when you have start Android System Recovery you can navigate with Volume Up and Down keys and confirm your choice with Power button.

Navigate to Wipe Cache Partition and confirm with Power key. After that choose Reboot system and now you have fresh Lollipop on your Samsung Galaxy S4.

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