New CloudFlare Dashboard

CloudFlare is a good website protection service I already mentioned in some of my earlier posts. If you would like read how it helps me follow this link.

However on this post I wanna write few words about New Cloud Flare Dashboard. First I must say it is much more user friendly and it gives you details you will need as an administrator of your web pages.

Now you can track your site status even more precise and with more powerful features. Diagrams are much more understandably and easy to understand. You can browse over the options much more easily and if you don’t know where to go, just follow your logic and you will find what you are looking for.

I must say that this New Cloud Flare Dashboard is much more easily to navigate and manage. Also, diagrams now showing me things I want to know and it is easy to understand their metrics.

Now it is easy for administrator to navigate and watch website status. Just go to Analytics and there you have all important data you may need. First you have Analytics where you can select Requests – Bandwidth – Unique Visitors – Threats. All these helps you to watch your website status and keep it safe.

Under these options you can easily scroll down to see your website performance and security. Also, now you have World map where you can see Attack sources. Pretty cool option!

New CloudFlare Dashboard gives you easy way to navigate and setup some of these options – Overview – Analytics – DNS – Crypto – Firewall – Speed – Cashing – Page rules – Traffic – ScrapeShieald – Customize – Apps . All these functions comes on the first CloudFlare Dashboard page.

This post applies to CloudFlare Free plan, and not for Business plan. Once again, I just can suggest for all of you using shared hosting and have trouble with all kind of attacks to use Cloud Flare service.

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