Outlook Express can’t load New Emails

I have experienced some difficulties with MS Outlook Express. While connecting on a server, Outlook Express gives me an Error message 0x800c0133.

Outlook Express Inbox

Searching on the internet I found out that my error code tells me that Outlook Express Inbox folder has reached his 2GB limit. For more about that limitation you can Google and see why it happens. Otherwise keep reading this article, to found out how to keep your old Emails and how to download new emails from the server.
Open Outlook Express and wait till Error message appears. Close that Windows and go to File > Work Offline. Now you can do all the steps necessary to make Outlook Express to work again. Go to Local Folders and do Right Click > New Folder & name it Temp. Now navigate to Inbox and select all messages by clicking on any of them and pressing ctrl+A keys together. Do the right click and choose Move to folder > Choose Temp.
It can take some time for process to complete – keep in mind that you are moving 2GB of data.
After all messages are moved to a new destination – Temp folder – go to Menu bar and select Tools > Options > Maintenance > Store Folder and using mouse cursor select and copy Folder path.
Close Outlook Express.
Now click on Start and Run. Paste Outlook Express – Store Folder path and hit Enter. You should be inside Outlook Express working folder and to be able to see inbox.dbx file. Simply rename inbox.dbx file to inbox.backup.
After you have successfully rename inbox.dbx file just start Outlook Express once again and new inbox.dbx file should be recreated. Last thing to do is to move important emails from Temp folder to your new inbox folder.

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