Rename multiple files using MS Windows

Wonder how to rename multiple files using MS Windows?  Now it is time to learn how to rename file names by using File Explorer.

If you have many files without any name order or logic and want to rename those files in a short time try this method. Take a steps I have described with images and explanation. This can be handy for a group of files you need to sort and to know their content.
Simply select files you want to rename. On my example I have made few files without any logical name order. To rename them use MS Windows Rename command. This command does not require Command prompt – just use your mouse click instead.

By right mouse click and selecting Rename user can input new file name on a first file in selection list. Choose file name you want and confirm with Enter.

Now you have files with a new name order like filename (1).doc, filename (2).doc, filename (3).doc etc…
This is easy way to rename multiple files using MS Windows XP2, MS Windows Vista, MS Windows 7 and new versions.
Notice: If you take a look at your new file names you can notice blank space between name and number count. Sometimes this is not good solution but still if you want to make names without blank spaces or to add new character instead then you need to use third party utility. Only MS Windows versions with Power Shell gives you option to do this without any other software.
If you have Power Shell and want to replace blank space between file name and number count here is example of Power Shell command to do that. Simply navigate your Power Shell cursor to directory where files are and type command.

Dir | Rename-Item –NewName { $ –replace “ “,”_” }

This command will replace blank space ” ” with underscore “_”.

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