Retrieve lost IncrediMail Emails

This Hard Drive starts to making trouble and it was hard to take data to new destination. There was Windows XP SP3 and IncrediMail 2.5 with a lots of emails. I try to connect this HDD to another hardware and to search data with working Windows XP SP3 but without any luck.

Only Error messages appeared and broken copying process.

Like many times Ubuntu 9.04 helped me to take important data from misbehaved Hard Drive.

This is my hardware configuration for restoring important Emails.

As you can see I done it by connecting HDD to working PC Hardware and using LIVE Ubuntu CD ROM. As a destination point I used 32BG USB Stick.

Running this combination shows to me like good option. Ubuntu 9.04 reads this Hard Drive much better than Windows XP does. With just Copy/Paste command I have successfully restored my Identity folder (where IncrediMail keeps all important data). It is quite big – for around 25GB which can tell you how many Emails I need to retrieve.

Here you can see how it works in a real time. Just browse your folders and Copy desired data.

Identity folder is one with a combination of many letters and numbers. Inside you have Emails and all attachments.

To find that folder on a Windows XP or Windows Vista take a look at photo under this text.

See? Browse for your destination and copy your data to another location keeping them safe that way.

When you done doing that next step is to figure out how to restore Emails from your Incredimail Identity. The easiest way is to use IncrediMail and to follow guidelines they provide. In case you want to change your favorite Email Client then look how to restore Emails from IncrediMail to new Email client application.

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