SAMSUNG Young S5360 wont start

Hi! Today I have this old smartphone from SAMSUNG – model Y (young) with code name S5360. The problem was that phone wouldn’t start. It just keep on restarting on SAMSUNG Galaxy logo. After searching over the internet I found out that it is common problem with this phone.
However there are many possible solutions and if you are not familiar with flashing or rooting smartphones with Android system it could be a tricky for you to do it.
I’m not familiar with flashing also, but in the name of science and my blog I decide to give a try and see how it goes…
This is first SAMSUNG device I have tried to fix and here are my results.

OK, from the beginning in short story

SAMSUNG Young S5360 won’t start, just keep restarting and showing SAMSUNG galaxy logo…

Phone in this state was unusable.
After searching internet for solution I found out there is more than just one approach. Hard decision for me was how to repair this phone – which method to use? There are so many topics on the internet of how to repair SAMSUNG Young boot problem, but it does not mean they all will work for you.
I have tried to repair it by copying ROM on the SD card and then from Repair menu selecting Install from SD card. This method didn’t work for me. Smartphone just keep rebooting like it did before.
Next step was to try odin mode for repair Android system. For this you will need appropriate Samsung USB drivers, USB cable to connect phone to the PC, ODIN application, and files to flash your phone.
To flash SAMSUNG Young with ODIN application you need USB drivers for Windows and cable to connect your phone. Also, for using this method you need to go to the download mode on your smartphone. To go to download mode on Samsung Y S5360 do the following:
Turn off your phone > press Vol Down + Home + Power buttons all together and keep them until you see Download mode menu.
Connect your phone to PC and wait until message appears New hardware found and installed successfully.
Now you can start ODIN application – if using Win7 or newer make sure you run application as Administrator.
When you have start application it is time to choose right files to flash on smartphone. I don’t know which file is suitable in your case, didn’t even know right file for me but in second try I got my phone working again.
Here are files you will need for this operation:
Odin application to download
USB Samsung drivers
ROM files with PDA – PHONE & CSC files
Fore files above we all need to thank XDA developers like you can see by following link. Hope you will repair your phone using this method.
Just one more time to mention – On the link above you can download applications for flashing Samsung Young and Firmwares for that phone. In case you don’t know which one is best for your device, either register on the XDAForum or try to eliminate ones you know for sure isn’t suitable for your country or region.
In my case I manage to flash my phone with firmware PDA_S5360_XXMC2.tar – that was second try. Now phone works great, and I hope your’s will work also!! Good luck!!
Also, you need to know that there could be data loss, or even some software or hardware failure in which case I don’t won’t to be responsible.

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