Smartphone case – Thin, clean or rough and bulletproof?

How many people use smartphone case protection on their Smartphone devices? You’ll be surprised but not so many.

smartphone case
Screen protect

Although Smartphones are delicate devices we don’t pay attention on their safety good enough. Therefore screen repair business grooving superfast each day, and we can’t see it stops. Best practice for starting business is to start repair service for high range Smartphone devices such as iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and HTC.

All these expensive Smartphones comes designed to look good but not to stay long and without scratches. Screen however comes with Corning Gorilla Glass protection, but not the housing of the phone. So how to keep phone safe and keep it to look like new even after years of using it?

To protect Smartphone device best way is to choose appropriate smartphone case for it. You can search on the internet, there are many companies producing Smartphone cases, but that doesn’t means every case is good enough. To make a right choice you need to know case quality, resistance and feel in your everyday usage.

If you are looking case for iPhone or some other expensive model keep in mind to not to buy cheap case for which you don’t know if it fits right. Make your choice guided with online reviews and quality brand.

We have made some clicks and we have found site which helps you decide. On this site you have two well known companies producing Smartphone cases and to choose one for you, all you need to do is to think and decide – thin and clean or manly rough bulletproof?

Take a look at Maxboost products and see if you can find design fits your needs. This company offering you thin cases designed in a way you hardly noticing case on your Smartphone. You can choose from clean body design to designed case just for you. Using these protection cases you won’t be noticing much more difference from original Smartphone design and feel in hands.

If you prefer rougher look and greater protection the UAG should be your first choice for smartphone case. This company is producing good looking but rough cases for protecting Smartphones even from serious drops. They even use MIL STD 810G 516.6 which stands for military drop-test standard in their production line. This tells us enough of their resistance.

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