Where to paste Google Analytics code inside Blogger blog?

If you are using Blogger and want to track your visitors and their behavior the best way is to activate Google Analytics for that blog.

This is the best service of that kind and with Google Analytics you can see how your site or blog is working and how your visitors interact with site content.

If you look at picture above you can see how I did it for my blog. Still, sometimes this is not the best solution. For more detailed explanation of how to import your code by yourself directly into blogger code, follow this link.

The blogger solution works only on some templates and not on all of them. Also, if you done customization on your blogger blog, then it is the best way to paste your code directly into the code.

I don’t need to explain of how important is to track your site visits and to see how your visitors behave. By tracking some parameters you can see things you need to change and ‘interact’ with your public in some way.

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