Windows XP and recovery console chkdsk command

Step by step procedure how to repair Windows XP hard drive problems. Using Recovery Console do steps I wrote and make your Windows XP work again.
Many times I have used Windows XP Recovery Console and I can say that it helped me in most cases. Most powerful command for me is CHKDSK with parameter R.
To use Recovery Console you will need WIN XP boot disc, either CD/Optical drive or USB bootable drive.
Recovery Console is ment to be used when system is corrupted in that manner that you can’t start it even with save mode. Also, Recovery Console is more powerful with commands than Windows Safe mode.
You have to know Command prompt to use Recovery Console. If you are not familiar with typing commands I suggest you to let someone else to do it for you.
Ok, lets see my example. Many times I get computer running Windows XP with problems like it won’t boot, it shutdown unexpectedly or it shows blue screen with common error message UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME.
What to do?
This is real case scenario to use Windows XP Recovery Console.
Message I mentioned above is saying that there were some problem with hdd. It could be hardware failure or that hard drive is unable to read some data on it. Most like it is second one and there are good chances to retrieve “lost” data entering Recovery Console.
How to enter Windows XP Recovery Console? Like I said you will need bootable media with Windows XP system. Make sure that you have right system distribution. Next step is to turn on your PC with CD or USB bootable media inside and to select Boot from bootable media you have choose.
After booting from your media choose Repair option “R” to go to Recovery Console. Next is to choose default language, and then to choose Windows installation you want to repair. In most cases it is “1.” Windows installation. You will be prompted to enter Administrator password so do it.
Now you are running Recovery Console with Administrators permissions.
To see a list of commands type “help” and press Enter.
List of commands appears, but in this case we will use just one.
Type “chkdsk /?” And you will see example of how to use this command. You can choose parameters “p or r” with notice that r implies p. That means that command with parameter r will do job for parameter p also.
To repair your Windows XP installation type this command

chkdsk /r

And confirm with enter. If you have more than one system, or multiple hard drives in your machine, to be sure which one you want to repair use chkdsk command more precise like

chkdsk /r c:

And hit enter. Here on this example we choose c drive as the one with errors on it, but it could be hard drive with letter “d, f etc…” also.
chkdsk command is powerful and it takes some time to complete. I advise you to be patient because it is 99% that it will make your Windows XP running again.

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