YouTube Ubuntu downloader

Easy way to download YouTube video using Ubuntu OS. This tool can help you download from other video services as well. Try it and let us know how it works.

Need to download video from YouTube or some other video service but don’t know how? This is simple step how to do it!

Downloading video from services I mentioned before is not quite legal, however sometimes it is, and if you need to download video on your local storage this is the right way to do that using Ubuntu.

Whatever version of Ubuntu you use this download process is the same. I checked this on 12.04, 12.10, 14.04 and 14.10 releases of Ubuntu OS and they all work fine. I believe that older releases work also.

This way of downloading video from online services requires using Ubuntu terminal but you don’t need to be afraid of that fact even if you are new user of this Operating System. It is easy and if I can say easier than installing some software on Windows OS and then using it.

Using Ubuntu terminal window you don’t have buttons to click on, but with a single line of code you can download video easy as that.

I wrote about it already and if you want to see how to download software for downloading video, and how to use Terminal in that purpose please follow this link. On that link you have explained exactly how to download and install YouTube download software on your Ubuntu machine, and then how to use this powerful tool for downloading videos.

Hope this article could help you to use this piece of art FREE Operating System called Ubuntu.

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