Blogger with full XML sitemap has arrived

How to setup sitemap for site hosted on blogger – blogspot environment? Now you can because Google is letting you to do that.

Sitemaps for blog finally arrived. Recently Blogger has done some changes which should help bloggers to deal with xml sitemaps without headache.

From now on you have generated fully .xml sitemap for your blog, without worrying for how many posts you have.You don’t need to update sitemap links each time reaching some number of posts on your blog.
This comes from TechInfoKnow and there you have explained how to use new options integrated in blogger dashboard. Also, if you are not familiar with sitemaps or SEO then I suggest to read that blog and learn how to become better blogger.
To make sure you have fully working sitemap on your blogger type your blog URL ending with /robots.txt and see if you getting results as it shown on image above this text.
For my example test link goes like this –

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