Blogger won’t show thumbnails

Yesterday I wrote new post and then I noticed that thumbnail isn’t showing on my index page and popular posts also. This happened just in time when I was trying Disqus comments on my blog so I thought it is related.

After searching and trying to restore my backup – of my blog – I saw that nothing helps. Disqus comments are removed and I get back blogspot comment system with Google+ comments. However my blog still won’t display thumbnails.

It took me some time to release that missing thumbnails has no connection with installing Disqus.

Then I start to look possible cause in template code – blogspot HTML. There I found few code lines responsible for images and thumbnails but I couldn’t figured whats the problem.

After some time of testing I noticed that all new posts – images that I upload – has https:// at the beginning of the link instead http:// like it was before. Why is that? I have try to setup URL’s but couldn’t find a way.

For some reason Google started to forcing https:// protocol over the http:// – OK, we all know the reason, it is more secure protocol, however in this way Google is making trouble to many bloggers all over the world. Maybe Google could leave us an option to turn OFF or turn ON that option, or maybe give us guidelines for coding script so templates can deal with new URL path??

However, anybody with this problem should know why it is happening and how to deal with it – We need to find or program new script for thumbnails which can make thumbnail with https:// URL.

Until then this is quick solution. After you have wrote post and upload images, go to HTML post preview and then find that image URL and just delete ‘s’ from https:// .
Make sure you do this on all image links in that post. Each image has two links so delete ‘s’ twice for one image in post.

Hope someone will find automated solution for this and till then make changes by going to HTML post preview.

Update – Ok, I never wrote update on this topic. This strange blogspot behavior was in fact technical blogspot issue and after a day or two all troubles despaired.

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