Changing broken display on DELL Latitude D830

I bring you few photos of changing broken LCD on DELL LATITUDE D830. This is a good laptop, so I think it is good to repair it if there is possibility.

Luckily I had same model with burned motherboard GPU chip. Besides that, old laptop looked even better than one I receive to repair. So I decide to replace all best in that one.
On the picture above you can see broken display. It look really bad and laptop is useless with display not working right. I suppose someone broke it by accident.
This is right model of that laptop. It says DELL LATITUDE D830.
To begin, first I decide to disassemble my old laptop with burned motherboard. In that way I’ll see how to deal with one I need to repair.
There they are, side by side two DELL LATITUDE D830 machines.

Unscrewing and disassembling these laptops is not complicated at all. I can’t write step by step procedure now but in case you need help make a comment and I will help if I can.
On the last picture above you can see damaged display on the right and good one on the left. After replacing all inside parts I have test it and it works without any mistake.

Laptop is working now and it looks like new. I have replace battery also, touch pad and keyboard. Hope it will serve few more years. 

3 thoughts on “Changing broken display on DELL Latitude D830

  1. When you have broken panel on LCD either it is on PC monitor or on laptop, the best way to repair it is to replace complete panel.
    In some cases there is ccfl bulb problem and then you can replace it but that is all.

    Best way is to keep your LCD from mechanical failure.

  2. It is not possible as I know. You need to find a appropriate replacement part and replace it. Hope you will find it and make your laptop usable again.

  3. Tell me is there any chance to repair that LCD panel – broken one?
    I don't have replacement part so I would try to repair it if it is possible?

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