DELL GX620 bad capacitor replacement

I received this DELL GX620 computer with restarting issue. Sometimes computer won’t start, and when it starts it keeps running some time and then restarts unexpectedly.

Like I suspect in a first place, there were some bad looking capacitors on motherboard.
On a first look I noticed two blown capacitors. On the picture above you can see one suspicious capacitor.
On this picture you can see another one, and this one is 100% bad one.
Notice how it is blown and rusty – venting the electrolyte – on the top.
OK, so these two capacitors I need to replace with new ones. First I want to remove motherboard from PC case.
While doing that, I’ll replace CPU thermal paste, take out all dust and see if there anything else to repair.
After removing motherboard this is what I have – side by side – my original DELL motherboard and one I use for spare parts.
Both these motherboards are DELL’s but it does not matter because usually there are same kind of capacitors on all motherboards you can find. In this case I need 6.3V 1800mF capacitors.
There they are – out of their original location ready to go on the new one. Also I have removed bad capacitors.
For replacing them you need to be careful. Don’t want to burn motherboard or capacitor. If you have done your job right this is how your motherboard looks like.
On the end one question remains – Is it worth doing it?
Well – I say it is. This is best way to try to do something by yourself. Motherboard is bad already and before you go to buy another one, why don’t you try to repair it?
For this tricky work I use:
1x DELL GX620
2x 6.3V 1800mF blown capacitors
2x 6.3V 1800mF new capacitors
1x soldering iron

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