DELL Optiplex GX520 – Bad capacitor replacement

Having trouble with this Computer I decide to open the case and to look inside. Nothing unusual except some dust which is OK because this PC works over a few years by now.

It is DELL GX520 model, and I can say it is pretty stable machine. This is what I’m talking about – Take a look inside

Nothing except small amount of dust – nothing to worry about.

However I had problems with this Computer in a first place and I must find the reason. After changing power supply and RAM modules problem still exists. Computer just shuts down without notice and that is not good.

I decide to take a closer look inside and to see where is the problem. This is what I saw

Bad capacitor on motherboard. This could be reason for that behavior – Computer shuts down and restarts without any notice.

To get out this motherboard first I need to take out CD/DVD ROM drive, then Floppy drive and after that to take out HDD.

This is how it looks like. There are few images of bad capacitor, take a look and you will see how it is blown and rust on the top.

Also you can notice that I have removed CPU Cooler, and all that dust under. All that I will clean after dealing with bad capacitor on motherboard.

Once again, this is bad capacitor I have found and it is 6.3V 1800 micro farads capacitor. Lucky for me is the fact that I have spare parts for these kind a problems.

Bad capacitor and spare part – side by side – both 6.3V and 1800 micro farads.
First I need to take both capacitors out.

Then to solder new one on my motherboard.

Be careful and keep in mind polarity of capacitor.

Here is image of new capacitor on DELL motherboard.

If you want some other tips take a look how I manage to repair this LENOVO Computer with similar problem.

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