Direct video download from YouTube

I wrote about downloading video from YouTube earlier – Download YouTube Video using MS Windows – and – Download YouTube Video with Ubuntu.

Now I will give you tip – How to download video from YouTube using nothing but your favorite Internet browser application.

This tip is very handful if you don’t want to install any application specially if you wont use it but once. By downloading YouTube video in this way there are no limitations like using Shareware applications or some Demos. Just type ss in your Browser and there it goes – YouTube video comes on your PC like a magic.

How exactly this works? For example, if You want to Download this video do as follows

Notice this video link in a Chrome I have select

Now all you need is to add “ss” inside link without quotes and confirm with Enter

After that browser will redirect you to the Video Download page where you can do some adjustments before taking this video.

This is how it looks like when you type “ss” in YouTube link.

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