Download Video from YouTube using Ubuntu

Hope you’ll find this post interesting. I’ll show you how to download YouTube video using Ubuntu Linux. This is my favorite FREE OS and many people are using it. If you are one of them that is good. This is the way to download video from YouTube site.

Last night I decide to download some video from YouTube, for watching later without need for WiFi or mobile data network.
At home I use UBUNTU 14.04 LTS and I can say it is the best home use OS.
People think that it is hard to find apps for that OS, and it is hard to use. That is not true. Here is my example!
For downloading YouTube videos we must Google it and decide which app is best for our needs. That applies for all Windows, MAC & UBUNTU users.
For making my UBUNTU to download YouTube videos I use Chrome browser & Google it: download youtube videos using ubuntu

This is webpage I decide to read, and make my decision.

After some reading I decide that best thing is to install youtube-dl
How to do that? Is it scary like they say? No, it is not scary at all. Just run terminal and type:

$ sudo apt-get install youtube-dl

wait a sec and that is it!
Not that scary, right?

Next step is to learn how to download video. OMG, learning is not something we want, while using PC or laptop. Who want to learn? Windows users surely don’t want. YOU? Maybe, it is not hard as people saying.

Once again open your terminal window and this time type:

$ youtube-dl “and paste actually YouTube link”

hit Enter and wait a sec to finish downloading video.
Here is an example:

$ youtube-dl

Enter. And it is done! You have just learn how to download video with Linux based OS. How smart is that?! 🙂
If you know some other Ubuntu software for downloading video please leave a comment. Otherwise keep reading my blog and find out some cool stuff. This video down loader is not the only one, there are plenty more Ubuntu applications for that purpose.
Ubuntu is still my favorite OS for home use, but recently I have discovered Linux Mint and I can say it is a quite a nice surprise. If you get a chance try it – I believe you won’t be disappointed.

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