Download YouTube videos using Ubuntu

If you are looking for a good application to Download YouTube Videos using Ubuntu try this one.
For me, this is the best Ubuntu application for downloading You Tube videos. Some users maybe won’t like it much because it runs through Terminal. However this application is easy to use, and for most of you it is quite good to download YouTube video.

You can try this application because it is light and easy to use. You won’t even notice you had one installed on your system, and when you need to download video just call command from Terminal. It is quite easy even this app runs through Terminal.
To install this YouTube download application simply run Terminal and type command

$ sudo apt-get install youtube-dl

hit Enter and wait for installation to finish.

Now you have youtube-dl application installed and you can easily download any YouTube video you want.

To Download YouTube video just type in your terminal command like this

$ youtube-dl “and paste actually YouTube link”

and confirm with Enter. Replace quotas with YouTube video link, like this one

$ youtube-dl

This is the whole procedure to get YouTube video on your PC or Laptop.

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