Easy Way To Migrate Emails From Incredimail To Another Email Client

Many people are disappointed with IncrediMail application and its lacking of email migration tool. Incredimail won’t let you to make easy email transfer to another email client or even to migrate to another PC running this same application. Because of that you need to look for tools which helps you to take these steps. How to migrate emails from one PC to another, even using another application on your new PC? This tool helped me to convert emails to *.eml file format, and later I can choose my new email client to import these emails. I must say that it is absolutely free for use and without any limitations.


I done this conversion with Thunderbird Mail Client, but it will work for Outlook Express, or MS Outlook 2007 and newer email clients as well. Thanks to this tool you can easily migrate your Incredimail emails to another PC with new email client application installed.


Step by step guide – how to restore your emails from *.cab file to *.eml

This *.cab file is actually zipped file format of your emails and attachments. To start working with email migration first you need to extract this file. I use 7zip to do that.

After that you can see IncrediMail data folder with all emails inside that folder. These emails are not readable for any email client except for IncrediMail. To make them readable for other email clients do as I explained under…


Start incredimail converter reynardware and choose export a single database. After that browse to the extracted folder and find identities. Inside identities you can see many folders with strange names. Simply open one and find inbox.imm file. Choose that file and then browse for Attachments folder. Click convert and wait till it is done. This way you will get many *.eml files and each one represents one email which you can easily import inside your new email client application.

These *.eml files you can import with just drag and drop, or using import option depends what is your new favorite email client application.

In case you have many emails it is necessary to export each database by browsing all directories inside parent directory (identities).


Update: In a hurry I made a small mistake. All steps above are correct but in a case you want to import emails to another email client, first thing you need to do is to import *.eml files into Outlook Express. After that you have email file format which you can use on a most email client applications. In a short, after extracting .cab file you can import *.eml files into Outlook Express, and later on use them as you wish. Just import emails from Outlook express to any other email client such as MS Outlook or Thunderbird.

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