How to downgrade LG Pro Lite from KitKat to Jelly Bean?

After LG has released new Android OS version for this phone I was more than just happy. However my happiness didn’t last. Why is that? It’s because KitKat is not so good for LG ProLite (D686) hardware.

After just a few days of using KitKat on my phone I wanted Jelly Bean back as my Android OS. That is a bit tricky job, but with the internet and XDA forum nothing is impossible.

For all people out there I wrote this short – How to – for downgrade LG ProLite Android OS from KitKat to Jelly Bean.

KitKat is known as 4.4.2 version and Jelly Bean has number 4.1.2 just in case you wanna know.

Here it is – Procedure of how to downgrade Android from 4.4.2 to 4.1.2 on the LG Electronics phones. In this example I will use my LG ProLite Dual with code name D686, and Taiwan firmware.
First thing is to download and install LG drivers for connecting phone with PC. Make sure to find appropriate drivers for your phone.
Also, make sure to download and unzip this tool for flashing LG smartphones. It is called LG Flash Tool 2014. Download this tool and unzip it on your hard drive.
Now, last thing you need to do is to download LG Firmware you want to Flash on phone. In my case because I use Taiwan firmware it is V10E_00 KDZ file, with TWN mark in its filename.
Choose your firmware and make sure to copy it inside LG Flash Tool 2014 folder.
Now when you have all prepared it is time to flash your phone.

Turn OFF your LG phone. Connect USB cable into phone, and while you keep button VOL+ turn the USB cable into your PC. Wait for LG Download mode and release VOL+ button.

Now your phone is in Download mode. Wait until Windows popup message appears ‘your new hardware is installed and ready to use‘ – if this is first time you have connect LG phone while it is in Download mode. Start your Flashing application (choose run as Administrator) and then select as it is shown on the picture.

After that choose START as it is shown.

And finaly choose these 3 options from top to bottom (clear phone software update registry -OK-) and then choose Another country, and for the language choose English.

After that wait for LGUserCSTool application finish with flashing your phone. If you see message error (Error server connection) then just wait for a few seconds and click Retry

9 thoughts on “How to downgrade LG Pro Lite from KitKat to Jelly Bean?

  1. Ivan Slišković


    It is ok to get server connection error message. Just wait a half an hour and it will e ok. If you can't start your phone, do reset using buttons and clean cache. Start downgrade process and wait till finish.

  2. hey i tried downgrading by following your method…
    but after extraction it gives an error saying error in connecting to server something like that everytime… what should i do now? now my phone is not starting?

  3. Ivan Slišković


    Yes I know, mine phone was struggling with KitKat. Working much better with Jelly Bean… Thanks for visiting my site

  4. Thanks for the method of downgrading… i have already updated to kitkat when it was released…but g pro lite cant handle it…
    I want to downgrade to jellybean again.

  5. Ivan Slišković


    V10X is Jelly Bean and V20X different versions (updated) KitKat. For KitKat I would suggest latest version for your country V20D

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