How to make a Message rule using Mozilla Thunderbird?

If you are using Mozilla Thunderbird as your default Email client and want to stop receiving SPAM Emails here is how to do that. Simply way to make rules for certain types of Emails.

First to write few words about Mozilla Thunderbird. I use this program because it is free and it looks professional so it is quite good for business communication. Just like MS Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird gives you all things you will need in your communication with your clients, but in case using Mozilla Thunderbird you won’t spend a penny.

Ok, let’s back to the subject. How to block receiving SPAM Emails?

Simply start Mozilla Thunderbird and see which Emails you want to block. To configure message rule you need to see if there is some pattern you can apply to group of SPAM Emails. If you find one, see in which column he is in. For example – Let’s say you are getting SPAM Emails and they all have ‘free-pic’ word inside message Subject. Although these Emails comes from a different Email addresses you can block them all by adding a rule to stop receiving Emails with a word ‘free-pic’ inside message Subject box. How to make that rule?

Click on Tools and select Message Filters. Message filters windows will open like on the picture under this text.

Message filters window have options to select inbox – for which this rule will apply – and to select folder – where SPAM Emails will be redirected. On my example Message Filter list is empty and now we are gonna make one rule to stop receiving Emails which contain word ‘free-pic’ in their Subject box.

Click on New gives me new window with configuration options to set up my Filter rules.

Like you can see there are options to configure Filter rules. First thing is to give a new filter name. I’ll name this filter ‘TestFilter’. In a – Apply filter when: – I leave all as default. To stop every Email with a word ‘free-pic’ inside Subject box I’ll choose – Match any of the following – and make my rule to Move Message to Trash.

You can see how my new message rule looks like just before I click OK.

After all work is done, just to check Message Filters list and to see if my new TestFilter is there. As you can see I have successfully created TestFilter rule to stop receiving SPAM Emails with a ‘free-pic’ word inside Subject box.

Notice: If you making your own Message rule make sure to find a pattern which helps you to block Emails you don’t need and not the ones you should receive. Also, to be sure not to lost some important Email make a New Folder inside your Identity and make a rule to Move those SPAM Emails to that folder so you can review them later from time to time.

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