How to remove .vir from AdwCleaner Quarantine?

Best way to restore renamed files using Windows command line. If you had no luck, and AdwCleaner has removed files in quarantine which are actually good. Try this to restore them.

Today I have done some antivirus and anti-spyware procedures on this Windows XP Professional. After scanning and cleaning system I have noticed that this old application wont start. It is DOS based application, and I know that it can be marked as potentially dangerous. However I miss that and AdwCleaner has removed complete folder and sub-folders with all files inside, from C drive.
After I noticed that my problem has become how retrieve files and folders from quarantine instead of scanning Windows on viruses and malicious codes.

Every file that has been replaced has a new extension .vir after it’s original name and file extension. For example, instead original file name ‘filename.bat’ file is called ‘filename.bat.vir’ now.

OK, so how can I retrieve these folders and files back from quarantine to their original location on my C drive?

First step is to find these files on quarantine and to copy them on the C drive. Now, you have done half of your work, and it is easy half if I can say.

These files and folders are unusable in this form – because of their names ending with new extensions. It is necessary to rename them to the original state. How to rename these files all in one?

For renaming files you can use third party software – find one that suit for you – or you can do it by your self.

Go to Start > Run & type CMD

After you have start command prompt now you can navigate to the folder containing files you want to rename. For example, lets say that you want to rename ten files with extension .vir inside folder C:\example\ .

To do that type these commands & every one confirm with Enter


cd example

ren *.vir *.

After that you have ten files inside C:\example\ without .vir extension.

Hope this was helpful. Enjoy your day!

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  1. Thank you very much, it's really a great help as I was at the lost of don't know what to do with all the strange looking files which can't be opened. Thanks again for the help, you save my day.

  2. I have same problem. Every text or excel document get some strange extension. How to remove that on entire hard drive?

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