How to transfer IncrediMail emails to Mozilla Thunderbird?

This could be the easy way to transfer your IncrediMail data to a new Mozilla Thunderbird installation. Why to do that? To be honest – IncrediMail sucks!


Many people struggling with IncrediMail application bugs and problems this application causing on their computers. In case you want to reinstall Windows or to migrate your emails to another computer many problems may occur. Also, while using this application you may notice your computer is always under virus attack and it runs slower then it should. To remove IncrediMail without loosing important email messages try method I described in this post.

On this occasion I have successfully migrate old IncrediMail emails to my new computer with fresh Windows XP installation and Mozilla Thunderbird as new default Email client.

First to say a few words why to migrate to a new Email client application? From time to time every user comes to the point where it is necessary to reinstall OS or at least applications on his computer. To make that steps and to start using new OS installation we all need old data, photos, music and of course our Emails. With emails – we comes to the problems – and specially if we are using IncrediMail application.

Incredimail has encountered a problem

Picture I show is telling more than I can write. In case you are try to migrate your Emails to another location it could be hard work, and not easy one as it should be.

Incredi mail cab files

IncrediMail version 2.0 has option to easily migrate from one IncrediMail computer to another one, but this application is so buggy and in most cases all I getting these errors. IncrediMail just can’t transfer data. This is not first time I’m getting in trouble with IncrediMail – and that is good reason for me to try other Email applications.

For now I’ll stick with Mozilla Thunderbird and now I will write steps – How to migrate from IncrediMail to Mozilla Thunderbird.

To convert emails you must use tool Reynardware provided on this link. It is small application which helps you to convert IncrediMails to new *.eml format.

To learn – step by step – how to use this tool please follow this link. I will just show you few print shoots to see how it looks in practice.

ReynardWare Incredimail messages migration

Install Reynardware IncrediMail converter and run application. Navigate browser buttons as it is explained in PDF Users Guide. Before Browsing through your Folders make sure you check Show Hidden Files and Folders.

ReynardWare progress – Complete

Once you have all emails converted to *.eml file extension you will get message like on the picture above.

Email folders – Inbox

Next step is to find your *.eml files. Closely read Users Guide to find out where these emails are and how to find them.

Email messages

Here is Folder where I got my emails. Simply opening that folder I can select all of his content and drag & drop it to my Mozilla Thunderbird Inbox field.

I have successfully restored my Inbox and check it for errors. It seems like all my emails are complete with attachments and all required fields.

This way you can migrate your emails to Outlook Express or MS Outlook as well. I prefer Mozilla Thunderbird for now because it is FREE and it looks pretty cool and professional at same time. Also, Mozilla Thunderbird offers you many options like all other Email client applications so you don’t need to worry about missing something. To read more about Mozilla Thunderbird and configuration options read this post I wrote few days ago. It is good Email app and I suggest you to try it. Also, I have migrate Mozilla Thunderbird from one computer to another using Mozilla Thunderbird and all went great.

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