I9505 battery drain problem Galaxy S4 with Lollipop

Right I received my new smart phone Samsung Galaxy S4 I9505 problem with battery occur. Reading over the internet I noticed that many Samsung Galaxy S4 owners share this problem with battery.

What to do and how to resolve this?

This is my battery diagram from this morning…

It shows me that my battery can run 9 more hours which is insufficient for my daily use. In this way it means that I need recharge my phone one more time over this day. I usually recharge my phone one more time in between 01:00 – 03:00 PM. I’m not happy with this diagram, and specially if I remember my old smart phone LG G ProLite and battery which could run till next day without any problems.

Why this battery run so bad? I don’t know right reason. I use basic functions and don’t have any applications I don’t use on other smart phones. To mention some of them, Google Analytics, Facebook, G+, Photos, Facebook Pages Manager, Google Chrome, Viber and WhatsApp… I think that most people uses these kind of apps and that they shouldn’t be a problem.

Also, constantly I use WiFi and I think that smartphone should always run with WiFi ON with no need to turn WiFi OFF in any occasion. Mobile data also stays ON and things I turn OFF are NFC, S Beam, Nearby devices, Screen Mirroring and Bluetooth – I can live without that.

All this I wrote gives me a clue that Android could be a problem – with a small battery capacity.

So what to do then? My first step is to try find myself new customized ROM. To be honest, I already searched and find myself Dirty Unicorns v9.3 by jbats. If you Google this ROM you can see that it is very good customized ROM for Samsung Galaxy S4 – I9505 model. I think I will try this ROM, and after I do that I will write step by step procedure for Flashing Dirty Unicorns ROM on my device.

Hope that new ROM will save my battery life for 10-20% at least.

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