LG L9 II Camera Error – UPDATE!

L9 II smartphone is a good device for its time, but there are some things which could annoying you. For some reason mine has this strange behavior and this is the full story. Keep reading and find out why this error message appears and how to deal with it..

Few days ago I wrote about this LG phone with camera error message. Before I decide to go visit LG service I Google it and found out that this message could be either Software or Hardware failure.
In case it is software related problem, I could try Factory Reset and see if it help. In my case, Factory Reset didn’t help!
In case of Hardware failure there are some MicroSD related issues. On some Android forums, people are saying that removing storage from MicroSD card to internal phone memory should resolve this Error. I try that also. It didn’t help me.
My last hope was LG service while I have warranty still active. So this morning, I decide to get my phone to service.
Before that I decide to take out my SIM card & MicroSD card as well. Once again I reset my phone, by Factory Reset option, and turn it on to see this Error message appears before I go to LG service.
You can guess what am I going to write…
I will write it anyway just in case…
After I remove my MicroSD card this LG L9 II phone works like a charm. There are no Error messages at all, and every function works like it should. I try his Camera all morning, just to be sure and I can tell that this phone is working just like new one. Even better, I’m surprised how it is endurable.

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