LG L9II phone with Camera problem

While I was seeking for my problems these stories comes up. Never to be sure why this error appears but some clues gives me to think that Viber app could be a primary suspect.

OK, here it is. Another update on these two posts – LG 9 II Camera Error & LG L9 II Camera Error UPDATE.
Nothing seems to work.
While I was writing this second post about my LG I didn’t think I’ll open this question again. Seems like some Android Application has conflict with LG back ‘primary’ camera device.
Don’t know why and which one, but after searching over the internet I suspect on Skype for Android, or maybe Instagram app.
Both these apps are using camera, and it is very common that one of them don’t handle this part of hardware very well.
Today I will try my phone without these applications, uninstalling one by one, and see if that helps. If I found something new on this subject I’ll post it here.
Hope I will rid off this annoying message camera failed to initialize.

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