LG Pro Lite OS choice KitKat vs Jelly Bean

Old OS version works better. If you agree then I suggest to downgrade. I hope my posts will be helpful.

Once again I decide to downgrade my LG Pro Lite Dual from KitKat to Jelly Bean.
In a first place, when I bought this phone it came with Jelly Bean Android system. Phone has worked great, and I was surprised with hardware and how it works smoothly without any problems. Actually I was surprised with LG generally speaking. This was and still is my first LG phone.
As I was saying, it worked like a charm. After few months I received message for a new OS version upgrade. Well, yes! I decide to upgrade my phone to KitKat without thinking so much. New Android OS installation has went smoothly.
But, to be honest my phone wasn’t smooth after that upgrade any more. In short, to say – LG G Pro Lite Dual won’t work well with Android 4.4.2 KitKat. In another hand, this phone works perfect with standard OS version Jelly Bean 4.1.2.

Don’t be geek and force KitKat like I have tried. Make sure you have good and usable smartphone by keeping Jelly Bean installed. KitKat is good to have just to see how your phone works perfect with Jelly Bean.

I have try KitKat few times and every time I go back to 4.1.2 Android Jelly Bean.

Downgrade from KitKat to Jelly Bean is not something LG want you to do. It is not procedure like upgrade, where you just need tap a few times and watch how the new Android is installing. To downgrade your OS version I suggest you to visit xda forum and to follow directions that you can find there.

Also, for downgrade procedure you will need right tool. Also, follow xda and don’t worry.

Here is link to xda forum thread showing how to downgrade LG smartphone devices, in my case it was my LG ProLite Dual with code name D686.

Hope this article could help someone. If not, that is not my fault. Also, while you do things like upgrade&downgrade there is possibility to lose data or even some hardware or software failure. I don’t want to be person you blame for that. This procedure for downgrade or upgrade are just showing how I made it for me.

Why I decide to downgrade? Why I upgrade this OS in a first place?

First time I upgrade my phone I didn’t know that KitKat is so buggy on that hardware. While KitKat work just fine on LG G2 that isn’t case with my LG ProLite Dual. Well, let’s be honest and admit that 1GHz dual core CPU with a just 1GB of RAM is not enough for new Android OS to work smooth. After first time upgrade I saw that my phone is not good as it was with Jelly Bean. I tried to clean my data and apps with factory reset, but that didn’t help. After a while I began to search how to downgrade to Jelly Bean. After many tries I finally made it, with method I mentioned before – look for a link. If you want to do same thing, I suggest you to download all tools you will need, and a right Android file (.kdz) .

One more question remains. Why to downgrade? Well you’ll see after installing KitKat.
I write this post from my phone, with Jelly Bean installed on it.

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