Outlook Express Error 0x800c0133

You have trouble opening your Emails from Outlook Express? Have this Error code 0x800c0133 shown when Emails are synchronizing?

This is problem I have run into few times and here are steps how to resolve it easily and safe.

This error can occur if Inbox.dbx file is damaged, or it is exceeded it 2Gb size limit.

To recover your emails from inbox follow these steps:

Open Outlook Express and click ‘Local folders‘ in the left side navigation.
Select New Folder and name it TEMP
Now, if it is possible, move all your inbox emails from that folder to the one you have just created ‘TEMP’
After you have done that, go to the Menu bar and select Tools -> Options -> Maintenance -> Store folder and copy path to your inbox.dbx file.
Close Outlook Express
Click on Start -> Run and there you can Paste path to your Inbox file. Find Inbox.dbx and rename it to the Inbox_old.dbx.
Run Outlook Express again. Now the new Inbox.dbx should be recreated. Last step is to move all emails from TEMP to Inbox.

If you can’t move your emails from one folder to another, then I suggest you to try this small application which helps you to Extract all Emails from Inbox.dbx to multiple files. This application really can help you especially if you have exceeded 2Gb size limit.

I use DBXtract 4.5 Version and it really works good. Now the 5.01 version is available and it costs only 14$. I think, if you have important emails to recover this is application for you.

With DBXtract you can extract emails from one file to a multiple files and then even migrate those emails to another Email client.

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