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We have all played Farmville once in a while because of game invitations on Facebook. There is something essentially charming about games that are based in the lap of Nature and involve farming as the main component. They are a welcome change from the competitive world of video gaming and the world of Big Farm is beautiful!


Big Farm Online Browser Game


Goodgame Big Farm is one such game that will give you a delightful gaming experience. It is a casual MMO that involves players having to build a farming community from scratch. You have to plant a variety of crops, keep all your animals fed and build a good relationship with the local villagers so that they help you make your farm one of the best in the game. All the buildings in the game can be upgraded to function better and faster as well. The long list of unlockable buildings will give you plenty to engage yourself in.


Developed by the popular German Goodgame Studios, it is slowly gaining popularity in the browser gaming circuit. The comparatively simple gameplay coupled with the attractive graphics make Big Farm equally appealing to children and adults. It encourages players to communicate with each other and build advanced resource management systems using well-planned strategies. Bearing similarities to Goodgame Empire, Big Farm will keep you busy throughout the day. As a beginner, you will inherit an overgrown farm that you have to take responsibility for. It is your duty to make the farm profitable again. There are non-player characters sprinkled throughout the game tutorial who will guide you with their light-hearted personality and knowledge.


Game Play: What Would You Love?

Goodgame Big Farm is not supposed to challenge your grey cells but it makes you think and plan nonetheless. Using all resources to their maximum capacity is not possible without a strategy in place. There are unique challenges to face and the game lacks the limitations that most browser games have. The pace of the game is fast as players plant and harvest as a chain process. The presence of animals makes the game even more realistic. The same crops that you plant will feed them, and you have to figure out a way to do it without causing yourself any losses. The specialized buildings are meant to help you overcome difficulties like storing the harvest, but they do not come for free. You need to keep them technologically updated to increase their capacity. You can use the grid system to navigate throughout the farm. The game is extremely social in nature as is proved by the existence of a chat feature. You can monitor your progress and then compare the result with everyone to get a fair idea of what your next step should be.The story in Big Farm is impressive because it establishes a general setting from where it becomes easier to take the game forward.


Big Farm Online Browser Game 2


As a player, you will feel the responsibility of transforming the farm which motivates you. You start out with just a few resources and outdated technological equipment, but that becomes a thing of the past as you go ahead in the game. In the game, you have two primary resources that you can spend, money and coins. You can increase your money balance by establishing a flourishing business on your farm. Not only does it lead to heavy profits, but it will also be a lot of fun. The expenses that you bear for preparing your crops will be balanced out as you sell the resulting products. Most of the times, you will be left with extra. You have the option to convert them into gold coins or you can directly purchase coins with real money. In the latter case, you do not have to wait for the processing to complete. You can build and construct much faster. However, if you do not want to spend any real money, then all you have to do is wait. That is how they allow players to keep playing for free while having a financial source in place.



Features of of Big Farm Broser Game:

The game is mainly story-driven which means that the storytelling adds something to the game’s objectives. You will get a sense of purpose as you progress along with the story.

  • The Multiplayer Missions will make sure that a pleasant competition is always alive to add excitement to the game. Any player who can secure the maximum amount of a resource in half an hour will be rewarded. There are a number of quests to be fulfilled at every stage.
  • You can even join a Cooperation that has like-minded players with whom who you can work as a team to create bigger and better farms.
  • Learn to manage your resources in the most optimized manner. Use all your seeds and vegetables in the inventory and animals in the form in such a way that your farm profits.
  • Your growth will never be stagnant. Upgrade your buildings to get more advantages and progress in the game.
  • As you start planting more crops and constructing more buildings, there might be a space crunch. But overall, Big Farm is one of the most lovable farm games available online. So start playing!


So if you are like me a big FAN of browser games (they are free after all), go to Big Farm website and sign up. It does not cost you a penny!

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